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European Inspired, Timeless Artistic Finishes To Elevate Your Space

We take our installations very seriously.

Who is Colours and Space?

Founded in 2011 by Luis Pereira, Colours & Space is a team of professional artisans that provides professional installations of decorative finishes to commercial and residential clients in Toronto, the GTA and across Ontario.

After studying with expert applicators and mastering the European traditional methods of trowelled finishes used in Italy and abroad, Luis has combined a successful career in contracting and his passion for decorative finishes by building a team of detail-driven installers with professional expertise and a mutual passion for artistic finishes. 


Colours & Space is now a collaborative studio that offers a full range of architectural finishes for commercial and residential projects. We have had the pleasure of working on some of the biggest jobs in Toronto, and we can bring this expertise to your project to execute on time and on budget. We collaborate with designers, contractors, independent artists, and craftspeople to develop designs from the simple to the most complex. Always keeping the client in mind, we continually strive for a finish that not only looks amazing but stands the test of time and simply works. We take our installations very seriously.


Colours & Space turns design into reality.


Our Mission

Is to professionally install beautiful decorative finishes that stand the test of time and impress beyond our years.


Our Vision

Is to inspire and bring the timeless beauty of Europe to Canadians in the most beautiful spaces.



How Do We Help?

Colours & Space has serviced thousands of square feet on large commercial projects such as hotels, spas, offices and restaurants. We still continue to work on small residential projects including fireplaces and accent walls. We have successfully installed decorative finishes on many different substrates. Not just walls! You will find our finishes on commercial and residential floors, ceilings, millwork, furniture, and wet areas such as in showers, spas, and saunas.



Here are some of our offered finishes:


Hand Troweled Finishes

  • Microcement

  • Lime based (Marmorino, Calcite, Travertino, Carrara, etc.)

  • Lime paint 

  • Acrylic Venetian plaster

  • Performance plasters

  • Other specialty products

Specialty Paints

  • Limepaint including various techniques

  • Textured paints (Tratti, Sensi, Arteko, Klondike, etc.)

  • Other specialty products

Other Specialties

  • Sculpted finishes

  • Plaster artwork

  • Gold / Silver leafing

  • And more!

The install, however, is just one part of the contribution to any project. Colours & Space works with architects, designers, and contractors focusing on the entire development: from initial concepts, sample creation, sample approval and finally installation with warranty and care instructions.

How To Get Started

Send us a rendering, a link, a magazine clipping, or a screenshot of something that inspires you. We will help you find the right design methodology and application for your home or commercial space. 


Whether it’s a venetian plaster feature wall, a microcement floor or shower enclosure, Colours & Space creative finishes are distinctively unique, and they work. Want a specialty finish? Don’t know where to start? Ask us!

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