About Colours & Space Inc.

Colours & Space was founded in 2011 by Luis Pereira. Starting out as a residential and commercial painting company, Luis always had a passion for custom finishes and contracting. He honed his creative skills by studying with expert applicators where he mastered the European traditional methods of trowelled finishes used in Italy and abroad. He then incorporated his craft with the passion for his contracting business and transitioned into professional installations of artistic finishes. 


Colours & Space is now a collaborative studio that offers a full range of architectural finishes for commercial and residential projects. We collaborate with designers, contractors, independent artists, and craftspeople to develop designs from the simple to the most complex. Always keeping the client in mind, we continually strive for a finish that not only looks amazing but stands the test of time and simply works.


Colours & Space turns design into reality.

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Colours & Space - A studio where the world of bespoke art and design is elevated to an entirely different level.